Infogrames version of Unreal Tournament in Slackware Linux

A lot of howto’s on the web suggest that the Best of infogrames 2-cd version of Unreal Tournament (grey-purple-gold cover, grey b&w cds) cannot be installed with the Loki installer. This is probably based on Loki’s own faq , which states: ‘Loki does not presently offer support for other UT packages ("Best of Infogrames", "Totally Unreal")’. However, using the installer I was able to install the cds just fine. The installation is probably not that different from installing the goty version, but I used an additional script that may not have been part of the original installation procedure. Use my example below with care and at your own risk.

My installation

The last time I installed UT I used Slackware 10.2 Linux [Edit: Slackware 12.1] but I’ve installed it on earlier versions of Slackware as well. My video card is a nvidia GeForce4 MX 440 (driver: NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6629).

I’ve saved the version of I used here. I mounted my cd and started the installer as root with SETUP_CDROM=/path_to_my_cdrom sh In the installation program I selected the default installpath /usr/local/games/ut and mounted the second cd when the program asked me. I did not select the option to run UT when finished, because some additional decompressing needs to be done.

After the install program finished, I used as root the script containing the following code:

# unattributed contribution unknown date
# Change this to YOUR install-dir of UT
export UT_DATA_PATH=/usr/local/games/ut/System


for i in ../Maps/*
ucc decompress $i -nohomedir

mv *.unr ../Maps

cd ../Maps
for f in *.unr
rm $

echo "..:: Done! ::.."

After this things should be all right. But on my most recent system [Slackware 10.2] I got the error:

appError called:
Could not load OpenGL library

It turned out that that had something tot do with /usr/lib/tls where my nvidia driver has put some stuff that doesn’t seem quite right (had a problem with in that direcory earlier as well). This time I moved the directory completely out of the way, and after that I could start UT with cd /usr/local/games/ut; ./ut from a terminal.


Adjusting the game to your screen resolution might not work from the menu in the game. Change UnrealTournament.ini (after having started as normal user, located in your homedir ~/.loki/ut/System) and select the proper resolution:


Edit: This version of UT still works in Slackware 12.1, but I simply copied the files from my earlier installation. BTW, if you want to start UT from a menu, you might need a (really short) script to point to. It should probably be executable and contain only the line cd /usr/local/games/ut; ./ut (it should probably not call sh or bash or what have you). It works for me. :)


Edit: latest system Slackware 13.0; copied the files again, no errors from /usr/lib/tls. The only problem is that I can't play with two screens active. :(