Post split yEnc files to a newsgroup

Problem: I needed to post a few images to xs4all’s binary newsgroup server newszilla. Thunderbird didn't work, because the threshold for the server is very low, less than 400K.

Solution: there seems to be a lack of a fancy point-and-click Linux program that posts split binary files[1], but the command line solution is almost embarrassingly easy: (1) install yencee[2] if you haven't got that (2) fill in yenceerc.example and save it as ~./yenceerc (3) fire up a terminal in the folder that contains the files you want to post (or cd to it) and type something like:

yencee -z 300000 -s "my fascinating topic" -n *.jpg[3]

These and other options are explained in full in the README and come summarized with the command yencee -h

1. Perhaps a package exists in Ubuntu but lets assume a Slackware like distro. 2. Do tar zxvf yencee*gz; cd yencee-[version] and as suggested in the INSTALL file gcc -O2 -o ypack ypack.c and mv or cp yencee and ypac to a folder in your PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin, or better ~/bin if that's in your PATH) 3. Newbie warning: yes, *.jpg will match all the files ending in .jpg in that folder - list names without the * if you don't want that.